Julia's Videos

Tips and advises about hair extensions

How to put clip-in hair extensions?

In this video, Julia explains how to ask the tri-band extensions Addict Hair, consisting of three hair bands 100% natural (Remy Hair AAA + certified) in clips. In just one minute, these extensions can cover your entire head for a magnificent result.

How to apply clips fringe?

Lisa tells you how to put your clips to a few fringe clips only! Dare fringe without sacrificing your hair: no need to cut, clip the fringe in seconds and voila!

How to apply Ponytail (Horse Tail)?

This video shows you how Tiffany put her Ponytail in just one minute! Hair consists of 100% natural Remy Hair certfiés AAA +, the Ponytail Hair Addict to offer a wide range of hair since it is easy to install and can be positioned at different heights on the head, braided, smooth, curly, and even climb in a bun!

How to make a braid with hair extensions?

In this video, Julia explains how to make a pretty braid with your clips in hair extensions!

How to make a bun deported evening with extensions?

An original and chic hairstyle for Christmas and New Year it is possible with the clips extensions: The remote evening bun. Dare sequins and accessories!

How to make a braided half ponytail with extensions?

In this video tutorial, we present a chic and original hair with clips extensions 100% natural Addict-Hair. Braided Half Up is simple to perform. Have fun and customize this hairstyle if you wish!

How to make a bun for the holidays with a headband?

For the year-end holidays are at the top with a hairstyle glamorous and chic! What impress your family and friends. A bun decorated with an accessory: the famous Head Band! Julia carries the extension clip tri-Band Addict-Hair nuance "Blond very clear" to achieve this hairstyle.

The mini-locks and fancy colored clips

Discover the mini-locks colored clips & Fantasy brand Addict Hair for an effect "Rainbow Hair" guaranteed!
Professional quality, these clips mini-wicks new 100% natural hair are ideal for parties or high outputs in color! You can adapt bits for all the looks!

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