About Addict Hair

For the little story…

The story begins a few years ago in the US, where the Hollywood hairstylist Matt Green had to reinvent the clips extensions following the request of a famous actress who could not stand extensions with keratin.
then clips available extensions were of poor quality because it was often mixed with hair of yak hair or synthetic fibers. In addition, they were conditioned in several pieces (7 to 10), which made them very difficult to position.
Matt Green created a new model of extensions Gripping revolutionary music, it spread throughout the United States.

Long awaited in France, the TRI-BAND extensions are finally marketed and distributed exclusively in France by the company ADDICT HAIR.

The benefits of TRI-BAND ...

Because women desires are multiple and changing the brand ADDICT HAIR offers superior extensions developed and manufactured in our French workshop by professional hairdressers.

Created from hair carefully selected by our exclusive and colorful supplier in special baths preserving the biological quality of the hair and the life of our products are systematically subjected to a very thorough quality control before shipment.

Sold in a box with a modern design with a pose guide, our extensions, fringes and clips hair bands offer many benefits:

A look transformed into any speed: a few clips here you are transformed with a mermaid hair or a stylish bangs! Extensions and fringe blend into your hair for a stunning natural result. 13 solid colors and highlighted heads we offer offer a wide choice of color. If however you do not find your happiness, natural hair allows for smooth, curl, but also to color.

Hair respected: the clips to the delivery system, in addition to offering an impeccable thanks to the integrated silicone bands clips, does not alter your hair unlike other types of extensions (keratin, weaving, etc ...) .

Savings and durability: our cabinet extensions Tri-Band is equivalent to 160 strands with keratin while being much cheaper! In addition, with regular maintenance you can keep our products a year or more (see our maintenance).



Your requirements are our, quality at right price!

Given the benefits that this represents, we have decided to sell exclusively clips in extensions, and position ourselves on the high end, which justifies our sometimes higher prices than the competition.

Our extensions have been repeatedly copied, but we guarantee that their quality has never been equaled.

As a token of our good faith, we offer you the guarantee "money back" so you can see for yourself the excellence of our products safer.

Please also find our quality commitments.

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