copy of HAIR CLIP Prestige (3 Bands)...
copy of HAIR CLIP Prestige (3 Bands)...
Extension de cheveux à clips Tri-Band
copy of HAIR CLIP Prestige (3 Bands)...
copy of HAIR CLIP Prestige (3 Bands)...
Extension de cheveux à clips Tri-Band

copy of HAIR CLIP Prestige (3 Bands) - 100% Human RemyHair clip-in Hair extensions

This set of natural hair extensions, consisting of three clips bands Hair Clip-in hair Prestige certified 100% natural Remy Hair Grade AAAAA +, you will gain in length and volume in just a few clips. Professional quality with the clips extensions box is reserved only to hair salons in France and exclusivity Addict Hair.

  • Noir
  • Nuance 1B - Châtain Foncé
  • Nuance 2 - Châtain Marron
  • Nuance 4 - Châtain Doré
  • Nuance 6 - Châtain Clair
  • Nuance 8 - Noisette
  • Nuance 9 - Blond Clair
  • Nuance 60 - Blond Très Clair
  • Nuance 60+ - Blond Platine
  • Nuance P1/B4 - Duo Châtain Doré / Châtain Foncé
  • Nuance P4/613 - DUO Châtain / Blond Très Clair
  • Nuance P8/24 - DUO Noisette / Blond Clair
  • Nuance P10/60 - DUO Blond Clair / Blond Très Clair



100% Natural Human Hair - Certified Remy Hair - Grade AAAAA+


With the private sale Hair Clip in Hair Addict web exclusivity, you can finally experience the luxury ...

Known for their unparalleled quality, clips in hair extensions Hair Clip are originally sold exclusively at trade shows. With Addict Hair, you'll be able to get this package of extensions Luxury at a great price and wear the hair so you've always wanted!

In some clips only, about a minute, your 3 bands will be laid very easily and your wits will gain in volume and length, for an amazing result. With hair 100% certified natural Remy Hair Grade AAAAA +, the touch of your hair will be soft and natural, and you will be able to handle your extensions like your own hair (hair dryer, straightener, looper, etc ...) and in taking care, you can keep more than a year.


  • QUICK: Arise in just one minute
    Only three bands very easy to ask
    Soft and sublime natural thanks to the 100% natural hair Remy Hair
    Taste of Luxury with a prestigious professional and high quality finishes
    You can manipulate them like your own hair (Hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron ...)
    Each band has 3 weaving mills "Weft" guaranteeing a triple thickness each
    The hair is protected by a lace gallon
    If retain on average 1 year
    You can remove and replace them whenever you want
    Do absolutely not damage your hair
    Do not slip, because equipped with silicone clips

Fanny-Extensions-Hair-Clip-avant-apres cheveux courts frisés.jpg

Fanny-Extensions-Hair-Clip-avant-apres-cheveux longs-bouclés-dos.jpg

These extensions are ideal for normal hair or even slightly thicker. For very thick hair you can, for comfort, opt for a 4th hair band. For this you can opt for the kit of extensions Luxury Hair Clip Volume +, which contains 4 bands instead of 3.

If you are in doubt, and want advice, ask us questions, or anything, feel free to contact us via chat 'online, by phone or via the contact form. We are highly reactive and usually respond quickly enough. You can also send us a photo of your hair so that it helps you define the shade that best suit your hair.


Contenu du coffret :

  • 1 Band Hair clips 30cm (Length: 50cm)
  • 1 Band Hair clips 30cm (Length: 50cm)
  • 1 Band Hair clips 14cm (Length: 50cm)
  • A security certificate
  • A numbered authentication certificate
  • An installation guide "Tips and Maintenance"
  • 2 spare clips

Technical characteristics

  • Total Weight: 120g about
  • Length of the strips: 50cm around
  • Number of bands: 3 bands
  • Hair Type: Hair 100% natural, certified Remy Hair Grade AAAAA +
  • Fitting Type: Metal Clips with nonslip silicone

Cleaning recommendations

  • Avoid sleeping with your extensions
  • Clean them with a mild shampoo
  • Prefer a hand cleaning
  • Do not wear them on your head when clean
  • Avoid perfume, because the fragrance dries hair
  • Avoid stain or discolor them yourself, it may hurt them, call in a professional
Longueur des cheveux
Poids total
Type de fixation
Clips anti-adhésifs
Fer à lisser et à boucler
Sèche cheveux
Conseil de coloration
Si possible à 10 volumes maximum, sans ammoniaque
Non, déconseillé
Durée de vie
1 an
No reviews

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